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First and foremost I would like to welcome you to Pulau Indah, a unique island off the west coast of Selangor. Its literal translation which means ‘beautiful island’, encompasses the serene beauty of a coast enveloped with natural mangrove swamps and rich ecosystem. The south of the island is clustered with traditional Malay villages thriving with various agricultural and fishing activities. Pulau Indah is also regarded as the ‘Gateway of Malaysia’, being home to one of the busiest ports in the world, Westports Malaysia Bhd. The northern counterpart of this island bustles with rapid urbanisation and commercial developments, with the movements of import and export cargoes arriving and departing from this point to other parts of the world. It was a turning point for the once upon a time hidden island that is now the highlight in the maritime world. Pulau Indah is a unique blend of world-class maritime industry and local tranquillity.

The Selangor State Government envisions the island as a centre for eco tourism, with commercial and industrial importance. It is a land of prospects with blooming economy and plenteous work opportunities for the community. We are keen to develop a tourism industry that is sustainable while simultaneously enabling their access to the fast paced industry of shipping business. Sustainability is the cornerstone of this balance, in which we work with the communities at the grassroots level, the goal being to make them understand the value of the attractions they have. I take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all stakeholders and the community for their cooperation, their innovative ideas and the hard work they have consistently put in to ensure the success of this island. Pulau Indah is an island to experience. A gateway into our nation.

Chief Minister of Selangor

Places to Visit in Pulau Indah
River Track Cycle Park

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Pantai Acheh

Located in a little secluded area of Pulau Indah but offers the beachy view and…

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Pulau Indah Marina

Pulau Indah Marina, surrounded by a fairly pristine environment that is free of flotsam and…

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Laguna Park

Laguna Park, located in Pulau Indah was developed as two-tier attractions namely a recreational hub…

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