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Interview With GM Of Urbancubes – Shamshul Bahari

Interview with GM of Urbancubes – Shamshul Bahari

Urbancubes Sdn Bhd provides the concept of planned preventive maintenance to address maintenance issues in the industrial area and to keep it maintained in pristine condition. It also provides security through 24-hour patrol guards and have installed security cameras all over the industrial park to boost surveillance.

Planned preventive maintenance is an innovative approach that could make the industrial park an icon that attracts investors from inside and outside the country.

Shamshul Bahari, General Manager of Urbancubes Sdn. Bhd.

Newly-appointed General Manager, Shamshul Bahari shares his insights on what makes Urbancubes tick and the road ahead.


For now, the challenge we face is the responsibility and accountability of the industrial park with the local authorities. There are no guidelines and laws established by the local authorities for managing the industrial park for the private sector. So we are still in the planning stages as we cannot visualize the full scope of maintenance right now.

Goals & Aspirations

Facilities Management (FM)

Our short-term goal is the application of the MOF and CIDB licenses. This will enable USB to participate in government tenders. The procedure for registering this license would take at least 3 months. We look forward to getting the licenses before the 3rd quarter of this year.

We aspire to market our services to the factories around Pulau indah. Potentially there are about 300 active small and big factories here. We will distribute brochures as well as the company profile with the aim of achieving our vision to become the leading industrial park FM service provider in Pulau indah.

Property Management (PM)

The short-term goal is to rent 10 units Laguna Park shop lots. Currently only 3 units have been taken up.

What we aspire to is to promote the rental of Laguna Park Pier1 Restaurant. We also want to attract visitors to this area by promoting marine sport activities.

Waste Management (WM)

Our short-term goal is to get at least 50 factories into our account by the 2nd quarter. We are currently have 10 factories under our belt. We are new in this business but we see a lot of opportunities are moving forward to expand our business.

We aspire to seek a solution to the illegal waste dumping problem in Pulau Indah and to assist the state government in preventing the situation of illegal plastic waste imports from worsening.

Way forward

The FM market is expected to undergo major transformation within the next 5 years. Urbancubes is ready for innovation and new rule propositions. Our key transformation for the future is through sustainability, performance contracting, partnerships, collaboration and innovation. The future of the FM Industry is technology enabled with IT, Big data and advanced connectivity. With all that we hope to be the leading FM service provider in Malaysia in the near future. Insya-Allah.

Urbancubes has successfully implemented maintenance management in Phase 3A of Pulau Indah Industry Park although it is not implemented in full scope. Phase 3A is one of the pilot projects by the state government that will implement the “gated and guarded” industrial park as a whole. For a start, local authority (MPK) has awarded us the contract to manage industrial and construction waste management and also the maintenance of recreational parks throughout Pulau Indah.

In the near future we hope for Urbancubes to be awarded a bigger scope by the local authority, such as the maintenance of roads and infrastructure throughout Pulau Indah.



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